<i>Untitled (Diptych)</i>. 2013 Performance Photograph, 35 x 22 cm each <i>Balls</i> 2010, Oversized tennis balls, tiles, silicon, 2010.  19 x 62 x 15 cm Installation view <i>No Meaning</i> Installation view <i>No Meaning</i> Installation view <i>No Meaning</i>

No Meaning

5 months in Deptford, project by Linda Persson, London


NO MEANING brings together a random selected group of artists, working in different media but that all are related to a sculptural practise somehow.

The title of the show is borrowed from a paragraph of Clarice Lispector’s work Um sopro de vida; -“I’m painting a picture with the name ‘No Meaning’. They are random things-objects and beings that don’t have anything to do with one another, like a butterfly and a sewing machine”

 The desired context of NO MEANING is to show works that do not necessarily have anything to do with each other, they don’t hold the same cultural value nor do they work with the same concepts. The works and the artists in the show exist within our time. They are all part of the same echo of history. NO MEANING carries a notion of recalcitrance; it wants to be uncooperative and resisting the upper hand of cultural evaluation in and of our time, here and now. Therefore the spatial becomes very important. It acts as a ghost, a spectral event, where the repetition of time within the space appears the same, however the time within that space only creates a notion of the alike even if and when it is not.

Linda Persson