Autoritratti/Self Portraits


Autoritratti/Self Portraits works by Chiara Camoni and Bettina Buck, curated by Cecilia Canziani, Firenze, Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea, June 2019



MICROLOGIES is a group exhibition that revolves around the aes- thetics of small-scale, micro materiality poetics and minimum gesture politics experimenting with scale as a radical instigator of awareness in our relationship to the world around us.”
Curated by DXIX, Los Angeles in collaboration with Scharaun, Berlin, June 2019

Raumfolgen, Group show, Schloss Burgau, Düren,


Raumfolgen curated by Kay von Keitz,
with Bettina Buck, Simon Schubert, Nicola Schudy, Jessica Twitchell

Delays arranged: Bettina Buck invites John Reardon, Åplus, Berlin


Listen to that. It sounds so beautifully screwed-up on purpose.
Two or three years ago Bettina Buck told me that she was thinking of working on a book that would collect all four episodes of her series of invitations, and mark the end Read more …

Mediated Action / City Dance


City Dance Köln, 12-stündige Performance-Parkour durch den Stadtraum Kölns, Kollaboration zwischen Choreografin Stephanie Thiersch, Komponistin Brigitta Muntendorf und Bildende Künstlerin Bettina Buck, in Bezugnahme auf die Idee des City Dance von Anna Halprin, ein Tanzfond Erben Projekt, Köln

Naive Set Theory – Teoria Ingenua Degli Insiemi


Installation view Naive Set Theory – Teoria Ingenua Degli Insiemi, curated by Cecilia Canziani and Davide Ferri, P420, Bologna 2016

Homecomings: Projective Space


Homecomings: Projective Space, curated by Cassandra Edlefsen Lasch and Annabelle von Grisewald, Berlin, 2015

Monomera/September Shuffle, Rokeby Galerie London


Monomera/September Shuffle, Rokeby Gallery, London, 2015

Tutta l‘Italia è silenziosa


Installation view Tutta l‘Italia è silenziosa, Villa, Massimo, Rom, 2015

Plinth Drawings II, Art Basel, Hong Kong


Einzelpräsentation mit Galerie Rokeby London, Discoveries, Art Basel, Hong Kong