<i>Booth (Basel)</i> (detail) <i>Booth (Basel)</i> (detail) <i>Hanging Mountains</i> <br>Installation view Art Basel <i>Booth (Basel)</i><br> Installation view <i>Hunting Scene – Dusk</i> <i>Swelling I</i> <i>Swelling IV Wood</i> Ground Plan Step I – tiled space Step II – spaceconcealing of tiles

Tiles, plasterboard, wood. 2010.
350 x 700 x 500 cm

The original walls and floor of the assigned booth were tiled, after which new walls and floor were built on top of the original booth leaving a cavity space of 2,5 cm around the whole booth. The cavity created between the two surfaces and the thin green-grey line formed by the ceramic tiles are visible at the very edges of the booth.. Four pieces of work were included as part of this newly configured space including Swellings I and III, Hunting Scene – Dusk and Hanging Mountains