Bettina Buck, Liu Feng (Translator), Roland Kerstein Goethe Institute, Peking, 1999 Society of Foreign Affairs, Soya-Sauce auf Leinen, 2 x 2m

Parteigründung mit Telechinesischem Sojaexperiment, 1999
Gemeinschaftsarbeit von Bettina Buck und Roland Kerstein
Kulturaustausch der Partnerstädte Köln – Peking


Sofa99 (society of foreign affairs)

Telechinese Soya Experiment’

Performance, 1999

Goethe Institute Peking

Bettina Buck, Roland Kerstein, Translator, Soya sauce, tablecloth, porcelain dog, CCTV camera

Duration: 1 hour

Relics: tablecloth with Soya sauce mark, transcription of the spoken part of the performance

The performance sofa99 (society of foreign affairs founded 1999) was collaboration between Bettina Buck und Roland Kerstein happening during a two-month residency in Peking. It took place in the Goethe Institute in Peking and was simultaneous translated from German into Chinese by a professional translator of the Goethe Institute.

The simulation of a political assembly with all the protocol, which comes with this, was the core structure of the performance. The audience was included in the structure and the protocol and contributed to the performance.

During the one-hour duration of the performance a Soya sauce bottle with a little hole at the bottom of it was placed on top of a white tablecloth and dissolved it’s content into the tablecloth to create a relic of the time of the performance (‘Telechinese Soya Experiment’).

The whole performance was transcribed afterwards.


Mitschrift der konstituierenden Sitzung von sofa99

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